Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spooky Mason Jars

Check out these cute Mason jars we made for family home evening last night. You just use Mod-Podge and tissue paper. The kids had a blast. So easy, so fun. We filled the jars with Christmas lights. I saw the idea on a blog called not so idle hands. She even gives you a link for the spooky faces. Fabulous!!!

Happy Halloween

XOXO, Angela


  1. Cutest dang bottles that I've ever seen!!!
    I can see why that kids had so much fun.
    They will look fablously spooky on Halloween
    night. xoxo Joan

  2. Way too cute. Perfect for Florida! If I put out a real pumpkin it rots to slush in about a day. This is perfect!! xoxo

  3. Oh I can see that Mod-Podge is your BFF! XOXO...I bought some the other day and it is fast becoming something I LUV!